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Emailing & Marketing Automation Tools

Email marketing is one of the most impactful marketing strategies for generating and nurturing leads. Despite it being one of the oldest digital marketing techniques, email hasn’t lost one bit of its sheen over the last 3 decades of its commercial existence. This is partly because most customers tend to check their email on a daily basis. But the success of email marketing can also be attributed to the fact that when done correctly, it is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of reaching your customers.

Day in and day out, people are flooded with emails in their inbox. According to an estimate, anywhere between 68% to 80% of average users’ inbox is only promotional emails. Most of these are left unread or unseen. Most go to the trash. And some invite the wrath of being marked ‘spam’, ending a brand’s relationship with the consumer forever.

If done right, email marketing can help businesses witness a whopping 42x jump in ROI. To connect with the customers, your email needs to resonate with them. Even if they are not making buying purchase, your email shouldn’t feel like an unnecessary pamphlet lying in their inbox.

At IDIA Yugen, our team of email marketing experts help you create your email marketing strategy through unique and time-proven techniques. We take our time to understand your business, your industry, and your customer base to ensure our email marketing solution will help you communicate and interact with your customers at each touchpoint.

Be it brand building or conversion, be it lead nurturing or personalized campaigns, our team delivers high-performing email assets through focused campaigns generates immediate sales and creates lifelong brand advocates.

Our email marketing services

Full-Service Email Marketing Management: Our full-service email marketing management includes end-to-end email campaign services such as list building, list management, segmentation, creating, designing and building email templates, drip campaigns, email nurture campaigns, analytics and metric reports. Our customer-centric content and focused email strategy ensure your emails see optimum reach, opens, reads and ROI. The entire strategy is set-up to cover your initial promotional blast, follow-up campaign, drip and nurturing campaign in a well-defined and streamlined plan.

Targeted Asset Launch Campaigns: Assets such as ebooks, whitepapers, etc. are an essential part of lead generation and list building. Our content experts create a wide range of wellresearched and engaging audio-visual, graphic and written content to establish your brand expertise. We then design email campaigns for various subscriber segments with dedicated landing pages focussed on conversion. Our subject lines and CTAs guarantee high open, click-through and download rates.

Drip Email Campaigns: Drip email campaign is a streamlined campaign with a pre-define communication strategy that is ‘dripped’ to potential customers based on their behavioural or click patterns such as an abandoned cart, asset signup, etc. Drip emails are a great way of connecting with audiences interested in your product. As our drip email campaigns are fully data-driven, we assure maximum conversions. Our drip email campaigns that help you automate and scale your entire lead generation and nurturing processes.

Onboarding Campaigns: Once a customer signs-up for your product or service, it is extremely critical to ensure that they get what they are looking for. We create impactful onboarding or welcoming or orientation campaigns that help initiate this dialogue with the customer.

Here’s how we turn your humdrum email marketing
into your biggest ROI churner.

Strategy Planning
List Management & Segmentation
Email Assets
Deliverability Tests
A/B Split Test
Measure & Report

How IDIA Yugen turns email marketing into
a high-performance sales churner for you

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation allows you to automate activities and workflows in your marketing cycle for optimal use of time, resources and money. Marketing Automation Tools use deep analytics which allows a business to make highly informed decisions based on their campaign performance and results.

Why IDIA Yugen’s Market Automation Services Are Highly Rated

Most analytics provide a fairly detailed insight into the performance of your campaigns and visitor behaviour. Our use of a mix of automation tools, and our team’s expertise and experience ensures you get a look into the core of what leads to site conversions. This helps us design and deliver a highly effective, consistent, and seamless

Our team of marketing experts creates a custom strategy for your business with the right mix of automation tools to help your leads progress through the pipeline to the ultimate sales channel. We also design various reports to give you detailed insights as well as a big-picture overview of your campaign’s performance and prospect behaviour. Right from the link clicks to email opens, our marketing automation strategy helps you get a better understanding of how your leads are behaving and moving. Our marketing automation team also designs touchpoint tapping strategies so your business stays in touch with customers from first the first click all the way through to the sale.

Our Marketing Automation Process

Our Marketing Automation Services

1 Full-Service Marketing Automation

Our team creates a custom strategy that is aligned with your business goals and automates the process with the right mix of automation tools. Integrating automation tools through social networks, email, your business website, landing pages, and referring websites, we ensure your reach and communication with potential customers at every touchpoint.

2 Campaign Management

Our team implements a fully-functional campaign and messaging strategy to align sales and marketing with your business goals for a fully automated customer journey.

3 Lead Management

We use marketing automation tools to enhance how we communicate, capture, and nurture your leads. Our range of automated lead management services include lead database creation and maintenance, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and drip segmentation

4 Pipeline Management

We use marketing automation tools to enhance how we communicate, capture, and nurture your leads. Our range of automated lead management services include lead database creation and maintenance, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and drip segmentation

5 CRM Integration

We select only the best CRS tools to help you leverage the power of your customers’ data to increase sales. Our CRM automation strategy for you is aligned with your key business processes and goals so you can valuable insights into your customer and prospect behavior

6 Automated Email Marketing

Our team helps you automate your communication with highly personalized emails and highly effective automated campaigns to drive your prospects through the various stages of their buyer journey. Our email automation strategy helps you save valuable time, make use of optimal resources, and speed up your sales cycle

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76% of companies that implement marketing automation see a return on their investment within the first year?

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