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IOS & Android Development

IOS & Android Development

There are nearly 3.5 billion smartphones in the world today. Nearly 1/3rd of the total number of internet users around the world now use the internet through a mobile device. Between 2018 and 2019, the number of Google searches made through mobile devices surpassed the number of Google searches made through laptops/ desktops. In fact, mobile Google searches now account for 55% of the total searches made on Google

Creating apps isn’t a very big deal in present times. With ready templates, libraries, and drag-drop software, cookie-cutter applications have become child’s play. For a business to stand out, though, a template app isn’t enough. Your app must be your custom brand experience. It must take your customer through an optimized buyer journey. And most importantly, it must meet your business objectives.

This situation has created an imperative need for business to provide their customers with a wholesome and engaging mobile experience. While responsive websites and AMP (accelerated mobile pages) are some solutions businesses have adopted for mobile traffic, these tactics don’t give users the complete picture. Businesses now heavily depend on mobile applications for brand experience, ease of accessibility, seamless web-mobile experience, and universal visibility.

At IDIA Yugen, our team of developers dives deep into your business domain and researches your needs, requirements, capabilities, customers and competition. We help you develop a roadmap to bring a tailor-made mobile app to market that works for you.

Choosing The Right Mobile App Development

IDIA Yugen’s Android & IOS Mobile App Development Services

Android App Development

At IDIA Yugen, we develop high-performance, efficient mobile apps for Google Play Store using the latest Android development tools & Google SDKs.


At IDIA Yugen, we develop high-performance, efficient mobile apps for Google Play Store using the latest Android development tools & Google SDKs.

IOS & Android Development - How We Do It

How We Do It

  • Research

    We determine the functional and non-functional elements of your requirements and build a design and development plan for your mobile app.

  • Analys

    We analyze your requirements and identify the technologies best suited for the functionalities required for your app.

  • Design

    We design prototypes to ensure the app’s look and feel is aligned with your brand tone and business requirements.

  • Development

    We start designing your UI and developing the backend functionalities of your app. This stage is divided into different phases for an iterative process.

  • Testing

    We perform end-to-end testing to ensure the stability and proper functionality of your mobile app before it goes public.

  • Deployment

    Once the app is ready to be released, we make it public. Our marketing and advertising team devise a strategy to drive downloads to the app.

  • Support

    We ensure you are provided with necessary updates and regular maintenance support post-deployment.

IOS & Android Development - Full-Stack Mobile App Developers

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