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68% of customers begin their online sessions with a search engine, and only 0.78% of those go to the second page of the search results. People are using search engines to look up everything - from how to perfectly hard-boil an egg to who would win a fight between Superman and spiderman. Its no wonder then that they are also looking up businesses and their reviews before making a purchasing decision.

83% of shoppers used an online search engine to research a product or service before visiting a store, and 74% further researched the store they planned to visit before going there. It is quite clear then, that SEO is extremely important. But why is it important for YOU? And how to make it work for YOU? This is where we come in.

We understand that different businesses have different dynamics, but their end goal is the same - top Google search rankings. Hence, our SEO packages are designed with your business needs and goals in mind. Whether you are looking for more traffic to the website or qualified leads or greater digital visibility, or all of the three, our SEO team delivers an effective and efficient SEO strategy.

SEO Audit

We undertake an exhaustive and studious examination of your website, social media and other digital channels through various SEO audit tools, checklists, and standard practices. Additionally, we conduct a comprehensive competition analysis to set benchmark standards for your SEO performance. Your website is measured against 50+ benchmarked parameters to get a real understand of where your site stands and how much your site needs to improve. Based on this audit report, we identify priority weak points and action items that need immediate attention.

What makes IDIA Yugen a true SEO expert?

We offer customized flexible and scalable SEO packages that offer countless ways to reach your target customers. Our SEO strategy is not automation dependent or based off generic optimization procedures, its driven by experience, expertise, data and market research. We give your business the attention it deserves through relevant content, extensive keywords research, quality backlinking, and many such attributes that search engine crawlers would deem worthy of authority.

Do You Know?

The first five organic search results on Google’s first page account for 67% of all the clicks for that search.

Are you ready to dominate the search engine rankings?

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