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Strategy Consulting

Brand Audit

Our Brand Audit service provides you with a full analysis of your brand’s current performance. We benchmark your brand against dozens of various parameters including competitor study, market research, customer analysis, etc. We make an objective analysis of how your brand is performing presently and suggest a dynamic realignment of your brand strategy.

Competitor Analysis

Our competitor analysis service helps you identify competitors and evaluate their market strategies. We benchmark your competition against various parameters such as revenue, traffic volume, growth patterns, past strategies, etc. We also suggest systematic business insights and strategies so you can steal a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

End Customer Analysis

Did you know? A brand’s chances of selling to a new prospect are 20%, but those of selling to an existing customer are nearly 70%. Our team of strategists and analysts analyze your customers, understand your target market is, and study how you reach them to understand the relationship between the customer touchpoints and the value it delivers to customers. We provide you with deep customer insights that allow you to optimize your marketing.

Demand Generation Strategies

As an experienced demand generation agency, our process starts with research and analysis. We then help you design your demand funnel, define lead stages, and set up best practices to improve sales efficiency. We use the most targeted data-driven methods to generate the highest quality leads possible.

Brand Positioning Strategies

Our brand positioning strategies maximize customer appeal and competitive advantage to optimize your brand value. We lay the ground work for all your communications in a way that builds preference for you among your target audience. From building your brand’s voice to building a smart differentiation strategy, IDIA Yugen covers all touchpoints to ensure seamless positioning and messaging for your brand.

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