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Brand Building & Brand Management

What makes Coca-Cola’s Red and White or McDonald’s’ Golden Arches instantly recognizable? Why has the kid on Parle G’s packaging become so iconic? It is because most people have come to associate these colors and symbols with these brands. Some of the world’s greatest brands are recognizable due to some clearly-defined visual touchpoints.

Rome was not built in a day. Neither was the world’s most popular and recognizable brands. Consumers don’t just choose your products or services, they also choose the privilege of being associated with your brand’s name. They join your brand’s community with the intent of becoming an integral part of it.

As a branding agency with two decades of experience, we understand that your branding has to be unique and suitable for your market and target audience. Hence, we invest time in understanding your business and researching your competition, to deliver a unique brand experience that allows you to connect with your audience and integrate branding seamlessly into your marketing mix.

How We Create Your Brand Identity

IDIA Yugen’s Brand Management Services

The modern consumer’s purchase decisions are largely influenced by your brand value. Your brand does not just need to stand out, but be consistent through all customer touchpoints. At IDIA Yugen, we help you build a dynamic perception of your brand through a studied framework that builds, leverages, and protects your brand. Our Brand Management Services create long-term value for your brand by getting your brand to create deep engagement and conversation with your audience.

Our Brand Management Strategy

  • Brand Goals

    We understand the core values and culture of your business. We research competitor brands, industry, customer base, target audience, etc. to create a checklist of USPs.

  • Brand Positioning

    We design and develop focused marketing strategies, and campaigns that establish and boost your brand’s appeal, credibility, and relevance.

  • Brand Messaging

    We design an effective core message for your brand that pushes your Customers to directly engage with your brand and purchase from you.

  • Brand Promotion

    We develop promotional strategies for your brand to pitch your brand story to the right audience across relevant channels.

  • Brand Monitoring

    We track your brand performance across multiple KPIs, and keep an eye on trends to ensure the high viability of your brand.

Why Brand Management Matters


Customers site ‘brand experience’ as a key factor in purchasing decisions.


Customers prefer to purchase from brands that share their values.


Customers purchase products based on their brand name.

Do you want to make sure your brand name catches people’s attention? Get in touch with our branding experts to know how we can get you in front of the right people and ensure a great brand impression.