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ERP Development

Any great business is as good as its management. As businesses grow multifold and diversify multi purposely, they require more than just management software and project plans. They need custom solutions that solve problems and simplify processes.

Our ERP development service delivers an ERP solution that enables secure collaboration between multiple business processes and departments, stakeholders, and clients to increase your business's efficiency and productivity.

ERP Modules

  • Research

    We gather all business requirements and understand your business objectives.

  • Analysis

    We undertake a deep analysis of your organization’s strategy and business processes and then propose an ERP solution based on your business needs and requirements.

  • Mapping

    We map the ERP functionalities with business processes and perform a gap analysis.

  • Development

    According to the analysis and mapping phases, we carry out the planned tasks and connect the ERP application with your business processes

  • Configuration

    We configure and customize the application as per your requirements and reengineer functionalities.

  • Testing

    We create various test cases and check the system’s functionality. We also involve you at this step to do a minute check on the system. Our development team evaluates the bugs and fixes them to ensure the system runs error-free.

  • Deployment

    We deploy the system at the client’s side and check the system against standard benchmarks.

  • Support

    We provide end-users in your business with training and orientation for using the system. We provide timely updates and perform regular maintenance of the system to ensure a smooth and error-free run for the application and your business.

Features Of IDIA Yugen’s ERP Development

  • 1

    Mobile/ Multi-device Support
  • 2

    Robust & Scalable Build
  • 3

    Business Process Automation
  • 4

    Business Compliance & Standard Practices
  • 5

    Unified Database
  • 6

    Custom Integrations Available
  • 7

    Highly Functional Performance
  • 8

    Enhanced Report Generation
  • 9

    End-user Training & Orientation
  • 10

    Extensive Support & Maintenance

ERP Modules