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Inbound Content Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?
Customer habits have undergone a fundamental shift over the last few years. Customers now actively seek the information they need before making a buying decision. 87% of customers now start a product search online, and 81% thoroughly research a product online before making a purchasing decision. It is, therefore, imperative, that businesses be present where customers are searching with the information they are looking for. This process of building meaningful relationships with customers is inbound marketing.

Why Inbound Content Marketing?
We help businesses attract customers by creating valuable content experiences tailored to their target audiences. Your prospects are thus empowered to make an informed decision at any stage in their journey with you. This shortens the sales cycle and moves the customers faster through the sales funnel, driving greater results for your business. In our experience, Inbound Content Marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing in nearly half the cost.

Our Inbound Content Marketing Process

IDIA Yugen’s Inbound Content Marketing is more than just publishing blogs and social media posts. Our team of content experts, writers and designers develop a customized content strategy based on your customer’s pain points and your business’s revenue goals. Our Inbound Content Marketing Strategy is divided into four stages, with focused initiatives to supplement each stage.


Our goal at this stage is to bring more traffic to your website and social pages. We do this through compelling content that addresses customer pain points, informs about your products or services, etc. We make different content for different buyer personas. We optimize your website SEO.

  • SEO
  • Blogs
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Display Advertising


Time to close the lead. Through a mix of initiatives such as CRM, pipeline management, marketing automation, lead scoring and email, we nurture your prospects to address their final stage pain points. At this stage, we ensure your customers understand your offering and its benefit to them properly, helping them arrive at a decision.

  • Email
  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation


Now that we have attracted website visitors, we turn them into potential leads through relevant and informative content. We then provide the prospects with information about your products and services, discounts and offers, submission forms, and specialized call-to-actions (CTAs) to establish a conversation with them.

  • CTAs
  • Landing Pages
  • Contact Forms


At this stage, we ensure your customers have access to the right support to make their purchase a success. Your customers love your products and act as advocates for them in their social circles. Through a mix of highcaliber content, referral discounts, offers and smart conversations, we help your customers engage positively with your company.

  • HubSpot Connect Integration
  • Smart Content
  • Reporting & Analytics

Our Inbound Content Marketing Activities

1Website Strategy

We start rebuilding your website to lay a foundation for the inbound marketing strategy. We create a user-friendly, responsive and optimized website for you that is not only aesthetically appealing but is also high-performing and functional.


Through an insightful and deep audit, we identify high search volume and low competition keywords to boost your site’s visibility. We then develop a targeted content strategy that implements the keywords in your website, blog and other content activities. Through targeted keyword placement in useful content surrounding your business, we ensure you rise to the top of the SERP.

3Content Strategy

Content Marketing is essential to drive brand awareness and website traffic. From top-of-thesales-funnel content such as blogs, whitepapers, social media posts, etc., to bottom-of-the-salesfunnel content such as training videos, follow up emails, retention emails, etc., our content strategy team covers the whole content service spectrum to make your sales cycle smoother.

4Social Media

Our social media strategy is wholly aimed at boosting social engagement and increasing brand awareness. Through a mix of media posting and community building, we build relationships with your customers that establish trust in your business.

5Landing Pages & Email

The landing pages we write and design for you are aimed to capture prospects’ contact information and provide them with the content they’re looking for. We ensure clean and pleasing designs and appealing CTAs to keep the visitors hooked. We segment your user lists according to buyer personas and create customized email content and designs to inform, engage and nurture prospective leads.

Do You Know?

78% of consumers believe that businesses that create customized content are trustworthy since they are genuinely interested in building a good relationship with the consumers.

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